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dShares User Guide

Wallet Basics

Quickstart for those with or without a crypto wallet

Get a Wallet

A wallet is a blockchain user account that you control. Before you can sign up to place orders, you will need a wallet. You can bring your own or use your email to create one. Just click "Sign In" to get started.
It's important to note that a wallet created with your email will be tied to your login device. You can always transfer any assets to another wallet in the Dinari app. If you'd like to take your wallet with you, we recommend signing up with a wallet provider first, such as Coinbase or Metamask.

Fund your wallet

The Dinari Bridge operates on the Arbitrum One Layer 2 (L2) blockchain.
To fund your wallet for purchasing dStocks, you will need to obtain one of our supported stablecoins. We currently support orders using the following stablecoin tokens.
The blockchain network fees will also be paid from your wallet using the chosen stablecoin. This removes the requirement to have and spend ETH to process the order transactions.
When funding your wallet, consider the stablecoin is what you will use to actually pay to purchase dShares, so put in as much as you think is needed to buy the amount of dShares that you want to buy. We now have fiat on-ramp support. So you can conveniently fund your wallet without having to leave the app.
Note: Make sure that you are using Arbitrum One as your selected network for the funds. Funds on Ethereum mainnet or other networks will not work to purchase dShares. If you have funds on Ethereum mainnet you can move them to Arbitrum One using the Arbitrum bridge.
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