DeFi (Wrapped dShares)

WARNING: Make sure you wrap before playing!

IMPORTANT! Do not deposit plain (unwrapped) dShare tokens in DeFi protocols.

dShare symbols end in .d

Wrapped dShare symbols end in .dw

Wrap your dShares! >>

We will include links to safe (wrapped) pools and markets on our DeFi page as we work with our parters to offer more services to dShare holders. We suggest using these links to ensure you are using the correct assets in DeFi use cases.

Why Wrapped dShares?

In order to maintain 1:1 backing through potential stock split and reverse split events, dShares are natively rebalancing tokens. This design choice was to favor maximum transparency, long-term stability, and easy user experience for verification of total reserve holdings >= total token supply.

As a consequence, Dinari deploys two tokens for each dShare asset.

  1. dShare

    • Represents the asset 1:1.

    • Can receive dividend yield in USDC.

    • Rebases as necessary with underlying asset splits or reverse splits.

  2. Wrapped dShare

    • Enables safe and efficient participation in decentralized finance ecosystem.

    • Accrues value of dividend yield automatically as dShares (auto-reinvesting).

    • Accounts for splits, reverse splits and other underlying asset changes automatically.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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