Most commonly asked questions about how to get started on buying our asset-backed tokens

About Dinari

What is Dinari?

Dinari (dShares) is an infrastructure that allows users to trade traditional securities, like stocks and bonds, on the blockchain. It uses smart contracts to represent the securities as tokens and to automate the process of buying and selling them.

In simpler terms, You are trading Stocks and Bonds on the blockchain using smart contracts.

Will there be a Dinari platform / utility / governance token?

No. We have no plans to build or launch a Dinari token.

Where can I find more information?

You can find information on our website www.dinari.com and at docs.dinari.com.

Purchasing dShares

How can I purchase dShares?

To get started in purchasing our US stock-based tokens, you need the following:

  • An EVM-compatible wallet.

  • Enough supported stablecoin for your purchase.

  • To Complete our KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process

To mint our tokens, you pay market or limit price in stablecoin.

Visit this page for more detailed instructions: Getting Started

What do I need for the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process?

In addition to having the proper funds in your wallet, you'll need to go through our KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify your identity and residency. In order to do this, connect your wallet and then press the button "Verify Identity." You'll need:

  1. A government issued identity document (Driver's license, passport, etc)

  2. A proof of residency (current utility bill, bank bill with your address, etc)

What if I want to open a business account to purchase tokens using a business-owned wallet?

In order to get verified to activate your account, please connect your wallet to Dinari, and then fill out this form with your wallet address to begin the KYB process.

Can I purchase dShares without performing a KYC check?

No, this is a requirement by the SEC.

Why can't I mint stock-backed tokens outside of US Market hours?

Because we programmatically maintain at least a 1-1 backing, we are currently minting tokens ONLY after the security that backs that token settles. Since fulfillment of new market orders can only be done during US market hours (Monday-Friday 9:30AM - 4PM EST), we can only issue new tokens during that time. See Nasdaq and NYSE for a full schedule of US trading hours.

Do I receive the actual shares that I buy?

The stocks are held by Dinari. We issue a separate security - the dShare - backed by the corresponding stock’s shares.

How much does it cost to use Dinari?

See: Fees

After purchasing dShares, will show up in my wallet, or only in the Dinari platform?

dShares are ERC20s that are minted to your wallet when purchased.

Where can I view my orders?

You should be able to see the prices that you bought and sold under “Orders”. You also should have been able to see the fee breakdown when you made the trade. Reach out to the team on any of our socials or Discord if you have more specific questions we can help with.

How can I sell dShares?

Simply submit a sell order via our app (sbt.dinari.com). Fees are described here: Fees

Where can I see which countries Dinari supports?

You can see a list here: Unsupported Countries

dShares Dividends

How long does it take to receive a dividend?

Dividend distribution varies from asset to asset, based on when that asset distributes it's underlying dividend. We will attempt to distribute dividends shortly after distribution when possible, and will provide updates in our Discord.

I purchase from other platforms, can I still receive dividends via Dinari?

If it's a Dinari dShare token, then yes. If it's a traditional AAPL (off-chain) or another token that is not Dinari issued, then no. It has to be AAPL.d, not AAPL, to receive dividends via Dinari. Please note that you must register your wallet with Dinari in order to be eligible to receive USDC dividends.

More About dShares

Will dShares of stocks from other countries other than the USA be made available?

Yes. It's on our roadmap. Eventually we want to do stocks from all over the world.

Do I become a shareholder in a company by purchasing a dShare of it?

No. dShare token holders are not shareholders in any corporation. The shares are not digital stock certificates. You hold a security that is backed by an asset. That asset is in Dinari's custody. Dinari will burn the dShare tokens at the market value of the corresponding asset, and may offer other benefits to token holders.

Security and Complaince

Have you been audited?

Yes, we were audited by Sherlock audits. You can read the report here: https://7b30d563-5366-4f2c-ab4b-ee81b0d6b536.usrfiles.com/ugd/b5c091_1d22fe86d52a49589e57ba61c74b6f60.pdf

Is Dinari a transfer agent/fund?

Yes. We use our transfer agent status to operate as the primary issuer of the securities (minted dShare tokens). We also hold the equivalent stock in our vault accounts to correspond to the circulating tokens.

Other questions?

Have another question we didn't answer here? Ask us on discord! https://discord.gg/dinari

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