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Yield from dShares backed by dividend bearing securities
If you are a holder of Dinari dShare tokens backed by a dividend-bearing security, such as USFR.D, you are eligible to receive yield payouts in USDC. We take the earnings distributed to the vault for that security and make them available to our corresponding dShare token holders.


A snapshot of token holdings is taken at 4AM EST on the ex-dividend date of the corresponding stock or ETF. Holders are eligible for a percentage of the distribution proportional to their token holdings at that time.
A dShare token holder must have earned a minimum distribution amount of at least $0.10 in order to qualify.


After the fiat distribution is received in the Dinari vault account, it is converted to USDC. Then it is deposited into our distribution contract and distributed to individual wallets.
For registered Dinari dShare token holders, once the dividend payout is declared, the funds will automatically appear in your digital wallet in the form of USDC. Unregistered dShare token holders have 90 days after the initial distribution to sign up and receive the payout.
Last modified 3mo ago