Yield from dShares backed by dividend bearing securities

All Dinari dShare tokens earn yield when the underlying security issues dividends. These dividend payments follow the same payment schedule set forth in the stock markets.

What do I receive?

Wrapped dShare tokens are compatible with DeFi protocols and receive dividends in the form of reinvestment in the underlying security. This is done to ensure that dividend-yield can still be earned on dShare tokens that are participating in DeFi.


Requirements to qualify for dividend payments are as follows:

  • You must hold the dShare tokens when we take a snapshot of token holdings at 4AM EST on the ex-dividend date of the corresponding stock or ETF. Holders are eligible for a percentage of the distribution proportional to their token holdings at that time.

  • Holders of dShares (unwrapped) must be registered Dinari users and have completed KYC.

  • You must have earned a minimum distribution amount of at least $0.10 USD in order to qualify.



For example: USFR.d

After the fiat distribution is received, USD+ is deposited into our distribution contract and distributed to individual wallets.

Once the dividend payout is declared, the funds will automatically appear in your digital wallet in the form of USD+ on Arbitrum One. Unregistered dShare token holders have 90 days after the initial distribution to sign up and receive the payout.

Wrapped dShares (e.g. USFR.dw)

For example: USFR.dw

Wrapped dShares earn dividend-yield in the form of reinvestment in the underlying securities. When the fiat distribution is received, the money is used to purchase additional shares of the same security. These shares are then tokenized and deposited in the wrapped dShare vault.

Yield for wrapped dShares is realized upon redemption/unwrapping. To see the current value without unwrapping, please visit your Portfolio.

Wrapped dShares earn dividend-yield even when they are deposited or staked in other DeFi protocols.


All dividends are subject to a standard fee of 5% of the dividend amount. For more information, please see our Fee Schedule.

If you have any questions on dividend yield for Dinari dShares, please reach out to us at hello@dinari.com.

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