Purchasing dShares

dShares are ERC-20 tokens on Arbitrum One that are minted only when the underlying shares are purchased from the stock exchange to maintain our 1:1 backing.

  1. To buy shares, simply choose amongst the available dShares:

  1. Once you select a stock, you can put in the amount of shares you want to buy and press "Trade."

  1. If you logged in with a third party wallet, you will be asked for two signatures. One to allow the app to spend your stablecoins, and a second to initiate the order.

  2. You should now be able to see the order under "Orders." If you initiated the transaction during US Market hours, you should see the corresponding dShares in your wallet within 30 minutes. If it's outside of US Market hours, your order will be pending until the market opens the next business day.

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